Feds Permit California Power Grab, Blackouts Possible

Western states get a lot of their power from two huge hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River basin located between Oregon and Washington. The power to southwestern states, like Arizona, is delivered by transmission lines from the dams are partially located in California.

The power to southwestern states is delivered by transmission lines from the dams that are partially located in California. According to Just the News, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently declared the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) that operates the power lines can, essentially, ignore service contracts they have with states that receive power.

FERC’s decision, in turn, would give California priority in terms of energy transmission since the power lines are partially located in the Golden State including when the transmission wires are de-rated resulting from high usage or overheating like when heat waves occur. This is being done to bail out the Golden State’s so-called clean energy initiatives politicians know are fake but are pressing ahead with anyway.

Meantime, other states serviced by CAISO transmission wires are left holding the bag and will inherit California’s power problems of rolling blackouts and outright misery.

Photo from FreeImages