Biden’s Culture of Green Corruption Exposed!

Breitbart has published a meticulously researched news report detailing the corruption surrounding how Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, would benefit from it. According to Breitbart, Granholm served on the board of directors of an electric bus company, Proterra, that she has been accused of promoting while reportedly using her position to steer the United States to embrace so-called green energy alternatives such as electric powered transportation.

Biden’s administration has made it a point to promote Proterra, not just touring one of the company’s facilities, but even Kamala Harris touring a Daimler Chrysler subsidiary facility. At a recent facility tour, Harris pointed out Proterra has partnered with Thomas Built Buses so that their most popular vehicle is run totally by electric power.

All of this is vaguely similar to what happened with Solyndra which was the beneficiary of a little over half a billion dollars in government grants deeded over to them by the Obama Administration during 2009. It looks like history is about to rhyme again with Proterra potentially being the next Solyndra since provisions in Biden’s proposed legislation seem to mirror those of Obama’s stimulus bill.

Don’t forget about Granholm’s reaction to being asked about what is to be done to increase oil production in America and her dodging the issue attempting to blame OPEC. In reality she and her boss’s policies are the root cause of the problem but they don’t care.