Eco-Terrorist Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For #DAPL Sabotage

The U.S. Justice Department has finally detected and adequately prosecuted an actual case of domestic leftist eco-terrorism. From the AP:

A federal judge sentenced an Arizona woman on Thursday to six years in prison for using a cutting torch to damage the Dakota Access pipeline in Iowa and setting fire to pipeline equipment in three counties in 2016 and 2017.

The judge also ordered Ruby Katherine Montoya, 32, to pay nearly $3.2 million in restitution together with Jessica Reznicek, a woman who helped her.

Montoya pleaded guilty to conspiracy to damage an energy facility. She admitted to helping Reznicek and others damage the pipeline in several locations in Iowa.

“The sentence imposed today demonstrates that any crime of domestic terrorism will be aggressively investigated and prosecuted by the federal government,” U.S. Attorney Richard D. Westphal said in a statement. He said the seriousness of the actions warranted a significant prison sentence and should deter others who might consider engaging in domestic terrorism.”

Montoya’s partner, Jessica Rezincek, has been sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty last year. The two eco-terrorists focused their efforts in Iowa, in which the two women conducted multiple acts of sabotage against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Interestingly enough, almost two weeks ago, the state of Illinois recently approved expanding the pipeline.

While these prosecutions are a good thing and the two terrorist’s convictions could be a deterrent, at the same time, a little cynicism is warranted. So far, no prosecutions of the other eco-terrorists have occurred and it would be a good demonstration of consistency on the part of the Justice Department to apprehend and prosecute others who were involved in violence directed at pipeline employees and police at the DAPL construction site in North Dakota 6 years ago.