Dutch Farmers Begin New Protests To Block Gov’t Plan To Seize Their Farms

Last week, former deputy prime minister Johan Remkes, who is a mediator with the government of Holland, has called for the forced relocation of up to 600 Dutch farmers due to their nitrogen emissions. This, in turn, has prompted the farmers to conduct new protest actions to prevent such a measure from happening.

Worst of all, the Dutch government seems inclined to adopted Remkes’ proposal that are geared to meet nitrogen standards demanded by the European Union as part of its Natural 2000 scheme. The head of the Farmers Defense Force, Mark Van den Oever, accuses the ministers of not listening to the farmers, hence new tractor protests would take place.

However, in a very interesting interview with Breitbart, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said she thinks that her homeland is being used as a testing ground for the Great Reset agenda. This as part of the World Economic Forum’s efforts to remake (i.e. destroy) societies.

As it turns out, Vlaardingerbroek reveals that not only is Holland experiencing a housing crisis, but because of the E.U.’s immigration policy and Holland’s wanting to build a migrant processing center. As it turns out, the province of Flevoland has been buying up “nitrogen space” in Noordoostpolder with the intention of constructing an asylum processing center where farmland was previously located.

So far, the government has refused to back down in its efforts to meet the EU goals. If enacted, almost 30 percent of all livestock farms may have to close permanently in order to reduce emissions by as much as 95 per cent. Thankfully, Holland’s monarch, King Willem-Alexander, recently met with farmers, while simultaneously, declaring his support. Hopefully, his doing so will account for something.

Unfortunately, these protests are gratifying, but ultimately don’t change policy. Dutch Agriculture Minister Henk Staghouwer recently resigned (which is good) but until more politicians and bureaucrats are kicked out, nothing may change since the majority of the population tends to be unaware.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay