Up Next: Biden’s Diesel Supply Crisis

While Biden plays games with U.S. oil prices bleeding the country’s Strategic Oil Reserve of it’s inventory while pleading overseas for more oil, one news item not getting much news coverage nor is Biden paying attention to is the coming diesel fuel crisis. Bloomberg reports that the U.S. only has 25 days of diesel left and if nothing is done, it will have an even bigger, negative impact on our economy. Without adequate supplies of diesel, semi-trucks can’t operate, farms close, and critical manufacturing sectors are impaired.

It’s not like there weren’t warnings about this becoming a problem before. Obviously Biden is more concerned about the upcoming midterms ensuring prices at the pump remain low hoping to gain votes for low gas prices than he is about the overall fuel supply, especially when it comes to diesel.

Biden makes demands on oil companies to produce more, but won’t allow them to explore for more petroleum. When he doesn’t get his way, he begs overseas. But if he is rebuked by foreign countries, he reacts like a spoiled child. But, remember ladies and gentlemen, the adults are back in charge.

Image credit: Pixabay