Trump’s Litigation Could Put Him On The Path To Victory

Like many others I was disappointed with the election results from November 3rd. Under normal circumstances, Trump would have won handily against a candidate like Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Election Day 2020 is yet another reminder that these are not normal times and goes to show the determination and shrewd methods the Left will use in order to gain power. Despite their hubris, the Left underestimated Trump’s willingness to persist, and it could pay off handily for him. Consequently, the Left’s victory would end up be nothing more than fool’s gold.

Form what I have been able to gather, if the president can bring up enough legitimate improprieties in court with Election Day’s results and state legislatures uncover a number of problems with the popular vote resulting from investigations, the race could tilt in Trump’s favor after all. Most likely, the media is reporting Trump is claiming vote fraud in order to distract from or downplay his true intent since the president’s lawsuits are really targeting disqualification of ballots resulting from impropriety (i.e. the way the ballots were handled), not necessarily fraud in the sense of intentionally changing votes.

This can result in states that originally went for Biden to flip to the president and if the problems Trump raises in court go unanswered or result in bringing up serious questions about the election outcome (which are similar to the ones raised in the Bush vs. Gore case), the presidential vote could even end up in the House of Representatives. If enough problems with the election results are revealed, even state legislatures (most of whom are Republican-controlled) can intervene to replace Biden representatives to the Electoral College with Trump’s. State lawmakers can even withhold electors which could even throw the presidential election into the House of Representatives. 

If the presidential election ends up in the House of Representatives, then each state gets one vote and the tabulation will favor the GOP, hence handing the presidency to Trump. There’s a possibility what Trump is doing won’t work but the Left’s panic and their witch hunt against his attorneys indicates he might be able to pull it off after all. Especially since Amy Coney Barett, Brett Kavanaugh, and John Roberts all helped litigate the Bush vs. Gore case and will undoubtedly recognize the issues Trump is litigating.

If this is Trump’s strategy, it is a long shot but he has legitimate claims so his pursuit of legal redress could help him prevail. Some people have poo-poohed the president’s approach, but never underestimate Trump nor partisanship or even one’s ability to gain sympathy from others due one facing incredible odds. The days of Republicans gracefully conceding to Democrats are largely over. Since the 2020 election has not only exposed even more of the Left’s dirty tricks, what Trump is demonstrating with his recent legal activities, that it is okay to fight back and even win.