Are Power Stations Being Attacked Around The Country?

Last week, a pair of electrical substations in Moore County, North Carolina were purposely shot up causing major power outages leaving residents without electricity for days. Now the problem of power station sabotage has seemingly gone nationwide with over 100 attacks on electrical infrastructure having been conducted over a six month period.

Federal authorities are investigating a number of recent reported acts of sabotage on utility companies, a senior law enforcement source told ABC News.

The move comes in the wake of substations being riddled with bullets in North Carolina, leaving tens of thousands without power for days.

After the incident, the utility companies reached out to federal authorities in recent days to investigate, the source said.

The most recent potential case of sabotage occurred in South Carolina.

The two attacks in North Carolina were conducted where it was nearly impossible for only one person to be involved and were obviously deliberate. Are these attacks the result of a coordinated effort? It would seem so and as to who the culprits are is anyone’s guess.

If there was blame to be paid at the feet of a group, the party most likely responsible would be environmentalists since this fits a pattern of sabotage green groups have conducted against edifices over the years, including their recently targeting pipelines. But it hasn’t stopped politicians and the media from trying to deflect blaming eco-terrorists or other leftist gangs, like ANTIFA, by accusing the MAGA movement of being behind the attacks.

Two officials out of Portland say the electric infrastructure attacks are a right-wing conspiracy trying to prevent drag queen events. Never mind, of course, that large areas were affected by the sabotage where people of various political and religious beliefs reside as opposed to shutting down power to specific places where the drag queen events took place.

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