Environmentalists Outraged Over Biden Administration Approval Of Alaskan Drilling Project

The Biden administration recently approved a project where Conoco-Philips would drill for oil in a specific area of the Alaskan National Petroleum Reserve for a period of 30 years. Despite the deal’s extremely low carbon emissions including a negotiated concession to add environmental protections limiting oil exploration to other parts of the area, not surprisingly, environmentalists have vowed to fight it.

”We regret that (the protections) were immediately followed by the profoundly disappointing decision to approve the Willow project, which will accelerate climate change and harm local Indigenous communities,” said Karlin Itchoak of The Wilderness Society. ”We will continue to fight this project with all means at our disposal.”

Kristen Miller, executive director of the Alaska Wilderness League, said her organization will continue to resist the project. ”We will keep fighting the Willow project and future projects like it. And we call on the administration to change the way we manage all our nation’s public lands for climate, starting with America’s Arctic.”

The result will probably be events on par with the eco-terrorism conducted by environmentalist groups and their supporters at the North Dakota Area Pipeline seven years ago.

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