Biden May Clamp Down On Gas-Powered Vehicles To Benefit Electric Cars

Never mind that electric vehicles rely on coal-fired power plants that pollute more than fossil fuel-powered automobiles.

The Biden administration is weighing an aggressive proposal to implement the tightest-ever federal regulations governing tailpipe emissions in an effort to boost electric vehicles.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to announce the new standards, which will impact cars manufactured between 2027-2032, next week during a ceremony in Detroit, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing officials briefed on the proposal. In a statement, the EPA confirmed the standards are designed to incentivize consumers to purchase electric vehicles (EV).

“Already, President Biden’s Investing in America agenda is powering a domestic clean energy manufacturing boom, lowering costs for American families, and creating good-paying union jobs,” the EPA told Fox News Digital.”

As directed by the President in an executive order, the EPA is developing new standards that will build on this historic progress and support the transition to a zero-emissions transportation future, lowering costs for consumers, and protecting people and the planet,” the agency’s statement continued. “Because they are currently under interagency review, EPA cannot comment further on the rules.”

Biden and his leftist enablers in the media hide behind strict emissions standards to mask the administration’s true intent to destroy the auto industry. This, in turn, robs people of affordable means of transportation so only an elite few can afford their own cars. Then the administration resorts to schemes (like trolleys and buses) to make it look like their giving you some sort of benefit. But, in reality, it’s the left’s way of saying people (other than them) are nothing more than cattle or sheep.

Biden and his cronies rob people of the means to provide for their own transportation with high taxes and stringent regulations, then dole out subsidies for busses and trolleys making the case that if it wasn’t for them people couldn’t afford their transportation. Kind of like a con-artist who breaks your leg and then later gives you crutches making the case that if it wasn’t for them, you couldn’t walk.