The Insidious Reason Why PETA Defends New York City’s Rats

A PETA representative named Ashley Byrne was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show tonight regarding New York City’s rat problem. This obviously done after the group recently condemned the hiring of a so-called rat czar who New York City hired to specifically address the city’s rat infestation.

The PETA spokesperson blamed the city’s garbage problem for the rat infestation. On the surface that point is true since New York has had a growing rat problem since 2013, and has been trying different measures to increase trash pickups in order to reduce trash on city streets and sidewalks. However, the underlying premise of the PETA representative isn’t just to blame humans but, ultimately, to side with rats who can be carriers for diseases, like the bubonic plague.

The so-called animal rights group has a history of defending animals over humans. The net result of PETA defending New York City’s rats is that the rodents would be a vehicle to infect and even kill humans with untold amounts of sickness and disease as part of their evil, anti-human agenda.

With Tucker Carlson being a journalist, he could have raised this point with his guest in order to force the PETA representative to account for their defending animals over humans and the potential consequences of their rat defense. It is unfortunate he did not.

PHOTO CREDIT: By S. Tzortzis – Bubonic plague victims in a mass grave from 1720 to 1721 in Martigues, France, Public Domain,