So-Called UK “Animal Welfare” Bill Could Halt Building, Farming, and Hunting Activities

An animal sentience bill in the British parliament is causing quite a stir in which some members of the Conservative Party may revolt over it. According to the London Times, the long-debated Animal Welfare Sentience Bill in the House of Lords would essentially confer animals in the United Kingdom with the same legal rights as… Read More So-Called UK “Animal Welfare” Bill Could Halt Building, Farming, and Hunting Activities

The “Quiet” Funding of the Left’s Agenda

Senior Investigative Researcher at the Capital Research Center Hayden Ludwig wrote an article published in The American Conservative discussing the left’s massive bankrolling of political organizations. He joined Newsmax yesterday to discuss his work on exposing the left’s nonprofit apparatus and how it funds a great deal of he left-leaning political activism surfacing in numerous… Read More The “Quiet” Funding of the Left’s Agenda

Environmentalism Under Biden

Shakira Jackson, CFACT Driessen Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford, organized a talk with Gabriella Hoffman, host of CFACT’s Conservation Nation video series and District of Conservation podcast. Ms. Hoffman discussed true conservation and how it is being distorted in today’s environmental debate.

The World’s A Dangerous Place

Utopian idealism makes the death of Sarah Everard featured in Paul Joseph Watson’s video even more tragic since the usual leftist suspects find it convenient to see the world as they think it should be, rather than as it is. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Inmates, Illegal Aliens, #COVID-19, and “Normalcy”

A short time ago, Joe Biden caught heat because of a decision by the Defense Department administer coronavirus vaccinations to Guantanamo Bay prisoners. A short time after this was reported in the news, the idea was (rightly) sacked. However, Biden has also, essentially, gutted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, prohibiting them from deporting illegal… Read More Inmates, Illegal Aliens, #COVID-19, and “Normalcy”