Imaginary Record Heat

The press is full of stories about record heat and how the climate is coming unglued. In this video, Tony Heller shows that these claims are based on superstition and a poor understanding of history.

Montana Glaciers Refusing To Cooperate

Experts predicted the ice in Glacier National Park would be gone by the year 1948, then 2002, then 2020 and now 2044. But, as Tony Heller reveals, there are reports coming out that the glaciers have been growing for the past decade decade. NOAA responds in their usual fashion by tampering with the temperature data.…

A Cult Based On Misinformation

In this video, Tony Heller discusses the latest misinformation and junk science about heatwaves from the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang. There is no reason to believe heatwaves are getting worse, and a lot of reason to believe the exact opposite.