Florida monkey farms cleared of wrong doing

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! NBC affiliate WBBH says that county investigators found no evidence of wrong doing on the part of monkey farms located in Hendry County, Florida. The farms were the subject of complaints filed by the animal rights group PETA (People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings) in which the group alleged that the activities taking place at Primate Products and Mannheimer plants did not qualify them as agriculture establishments as per Hendry County zoning rules.

The USDA is conducing a separate investigation into alleged animal abuse resulting from a video released by PETA about the monkey farms. So far, the federal agency found eight violations on Primate Products property in which many of them were corrected. Henry County administrator Charles Chapman, however, states that during their inspections there was nothing they saw that resembled what was depicted on PETA’s video footage.

Animal rights activists, however, were outraged and disagreed with the inspection results. One campaigner accused the country of giving Primate Products and Mannheimer plenty of time to clean up before County inspectors arrived. Has-been journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell says It’s see no evil, hear no evil politics. It’s backroom old boy school politics in the worst order and PETA activists vow they will carry on.

Henry County, Florida is home to a number of farms who raise animals to use in laboratory experiments. By undermining and shutting down animal farms laboratory tests where animals are needed can’t be conducted. This, in turn, hinders the development of life-saving therapies and medicines and ultimately results in human deaths. Consequently, PETA and fellow animal rights activists helped make it happen since they hate humans to the point where they see humans (except themselves) as a cancer that need to be extracted from the planet by any means necessary.

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  1. Where has this idea that animal rights activists all hate humans and wants to get rid of them come from😂? The groups simply just wanted to end suffering to these animals, their aim is not to hurt humans.


    • If you see PETA’s website the group opposes animal testing. It’s one thing to not want animals to suffer, quite another to campaign for the demise of vivisection. That is what PETA and other animal “rights” groups hope to achieve by harassing companies involved in breeding animals for testing in labs.

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      • I actually agree with PETA in this case (although I know that may seem extreme). However, that does not mean that I wish to harm humans in anyway nor do I want to see us become extinct. I just believe that it’s unfair to allow others to suffer just for our own benefit. Would you not agree?😊


      • I have made the distinction in other cases and in other posts of environmentalists who do not subscribe to the green orthodoxy. For example, I have praised the efforts of environmentalists like Bjorn Lomborg and Mark Lynas who have changed their minds. There is no such thing as a collective mind. The actions of groups like ALF, ELF, Greenpeace and other eco-terrorist groups say nothing about how other environmentalists think or act. In my posts I have made it a point to criticize green groups and individuals when it is warranted. In terms of animal and human suffering, I don’t like it when any being suffers. However, life is a series of trade offs and that is the logic behind animal testing since by using animals for medical tests it has resulted in life saving therapies and medications for humans. The medical community will make efforts to avoid using animals but there are some tests that require them to be used.

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