JBS Paid $11 Million Ransom to Hackers

This is too bad and a mistake since JBS Foods will be vulnerable to even more cyber attacks. Hopefully, the company will implement stricter policies to prevent such an incident from happening again and law enforcement can locate and prosecute the hackers. You can read about the details of the events here. Image by joffi from Pixabay 

JBS Foods Production Nearly Shut Down by Cyber Attack

The world’s largest meat producer, JBS Foods, has had to shut down plants resulting from a recent ransomware attack. According to BleepingComputer, the incident impacted meat production in plants located in the United States, Australia, and Canada. The company also has locations in the United Kingdom and serves a wide variety of beef, pork, and… Read More JBS Foods Production Nearly Shut Down by Cyber Attack

Gaslighting Meat

The Biden White House has declared war on America, specifically on the western states. In this video, Tony Heller discusses another way they are working to destroy our civilization via junk science despite recent studies showing cattle actually fight climate change.

The Vegetarians and Vegans Who Became Butchers

Last Tuesday, The New York Times published a very interesting article about former vegetarians and vegans who became butchers. The people profiled did so, according to The Times, because they wanted to revolutionize the U.S.’s current food system to embrace what they consider ethical practices. Regardless of their reasons, the vegan’s and vegetarian’s efforts should… Read More The Vegetarians and Vegans Who Became Butchers