Professor: 1st Amendment Rights Don’t Apply to Opponents

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson interviewed Mike Isaacson, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and founder of the black block group Smash Racism D.C. Soon after this interview took place, Issacson was placed on administrative leave by his employer for joking about the death of police officers on social media.

This clearly demonstrates what Ayn Rand talked about with Atilla and the Witchdoctor. Isaacson is a mystic of the mind that convinces his students to go against their rationality and essentially become mystics of the muscle. The students, in turn, resort to force or the threat of it so as to destroy their political opponents.

There are other examples of college professors like Isaacson who are just as evil. Two years ago, University of North Georgia professor of Political Science Barry Friedman conducted a fundraising campaign for a woman who is a member of an animal rights terrorist group and spending time in jail for violating an order of protection for acts of domestic violence against researchers involved in medical tests involving the use of animals.