Greenland Propaganda Meltdown

Seth Borenstein has a long history of spreading junk science based climate propaganda. Tony Heller points to Borenstein’s recent article about Greenland published in the LA Times – was unusually impressive in its level of junk science and misinformation. PICTURE CREDIT: By NASA Goddard Photo and Video’s photostream –, Public Domain,

Journalists Competing For Fakest Arctic News

The past week has a seen a major uptick in fake Arctic news from organizations like Fox News and The Washington Post. Tony Heller shows that media outlets have started cherry picking a warm day here and there and extrapolating it out to nonsensical conclusions which fly in the face of science and integrity.

Ten Days Left For the Planet

There have been many climate forecasts of doom for the year 2018. This video by Tony Heller responds to an article Fox News republished in June and explores what the world will experience over the next ten days – according to the world’s leading climate experts.