Communist China Gets Green Manufacturing Jobs

No surprise, another wealth transfer scheme to enable enemies of civilization. Environmentalism is within the Marxist tradition so it makes sense that a communist state benefits from the so-called green jobs revolution. Despite it’s Westernization, the U.A.E. still has a culture of supporting Islamic terrorism. So Much for ‘Green Jobs’: Wind Turbine Manufacturing Work Goes… Read More Communist China Gets Green Manufacturing Jobs

Descent Into Madness

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden promises to put people millions of people out of work, and lock them in their homes. Worst of all, half the population supports him doing that.

China’s Flooding Catastrophe Due to Three Gorges Dam

It isn’t just COVID-19 China’s regime needs to worry about. The high likelihood the Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Province located on the Yangtze River collapsing has Chinese citizens and officials very alarmed since river water levels have escalated due to recent torrential rains. Sadly, corruption is a way of life in China and it’s… Read More China’s Flooding Catastrophe Due to Three Gorges Dam

The Players Behind the Protests

A recent article from Trevor Loudon at The Epoch Times details how two far-left extremist organizations have been playing key roles in the protests and riots around the death of George Floyd. Crossroads with Joshua Philip take an in-depth look at these groups. PHOTO CREDIT: By Hungryogrephotos – 20200529-_DSC8322, CC0,