A Low CO2 Christmas

According to Tony Heller, if children like Greta Thunberg and AOC had of been taught history and poetry instead of junk science, they wouldn’t be wasting their time tilting at climate wind farms. Merry Christmas everyone!

The Climate Inquisition

Climate scientists who speak out against the orthodoxy are treated in much the same way as those who spoke out against the geocentricism consensus of 16th century. Climate alarmists are taking science back to the Dark Ages.

Cherry Picking Season Arrives in Greenland

The Financial Times has published a misleading article attempting to contribute to the recent climate change hysteria while trying to link climate change with weather despite the fact that weather and climate are not the same. The FT also admits at least twice in the article’s text that the jet stream (which is the centerpiece…

Heatwave Superstition

In this video, Tony Heller shows why people who try to link heatwaves and extreme weather to CO2 levels, are engaging in superstition (or worse) – not science.