5th Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary to me! Happy Blogiversary to me! Happy Blogiversary to GreenJihad! Happy Blogiversary to me! Tomorrow, October 10th, marks my fifth year of blogging. With close to 3000 posts, this site will continue to expose the environmentalist movement’s jihad against mankind including analysis of it too. Thanks to everyone for visiting and participating!

Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

A fellow Swede presents some of the top reasons why Greta Thunberg is a pawn and a fraud, manufactured by PR firms and used by an army of globalist climate change alarmists that seek to gain more financial and political control. They are creating an apocalyptic cult that obsesses with the end of the world.

The Green Swindlers Behind Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is one way for the Left to make it’s case that to put the brakes on civilization by halting the West’s use of fossil fuels is for the children. Yet, not surprisingly, she lays blame on Europe and America but not one word of scorn directed at China and India who are the…

Confess Your Climate Sins!

As if it isn’t already well known, environmentalism is a religion and climate change is the green movement’s mother goddess, Gaia, shall cast upon mankind for the sin of existing. Taking a page right from the Christianity, NBC was nice enough to set aside a section of their website for people to confess. However, this…

“The Blacklist” Episode Involves Mad Eco-Scientist

NBC‘s action series The Blacklist recently broadcast an episode entitled Guillermo Rizal. It involves children being involved being abducted under similar circumstances only for Elizabeth Keen and her associates in the FBI to uncover a wider plot involving a mad scientist who bases his experiment on environmentalism. The Blacklist is a well-made, action packed TV…