It’s Official: Donald Trump Can Do Anything

President Donald Trump must possess the Infinity Stones. Donald Trump can literally do anything. He not only influence the weather, but also make people gain or lose weight, change their political parties, end people’s marriages, quit their jobs, feel violated during sex, affect people’s sex lives, incite harassment, make people stab themselves, and now he…

Mass Censorship At YouTube In Wake Of The Vox – Steven Crowder Battle

Independent journalist Tim Pool points out what might be the motivations behind YouTube’s massive censorship efforts, including and especially targeting content the company deems unacceptable based on their new content policies. This the result of efforts by Vox journalist Carlos Maza who conducted an online harassment campaign of conservative talk show host Steven Crowder.

Ingrid Woke: PETA Prez Turned On Being Kept in a Tiny Cage

The Onion (Satire) NORFOLK, VA—In an unexpected change of course that sent shockwaves across the animal-rights-activist community, a sudden sexual awakening experienced by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk led to her announcement Monday that being kept in a tiny cage all day “actually sounds hot as hell.” “This is obviously a new perspective for me, but…

George Carlin on Environmentalists

Today is the anniversary of George Carlin’s 81st birthday and he gave a hilarious thrashing of environmentalists during a 1992 comedy special he did in New York City. Carlin also told the truth that the Earth has been through a lot worse than man’s influence.