George Carlin on Environmentalists

Today is the anniversary of George Carlin’s 81st birthday and he gave a hilarious thrashing of environmentalists during a 1992 comedy special he did in New York City. Carlin also told the truth that the Earth has been through a lot worse than man’s influence.

Is Greece’s Wildfire Tragedy Due to Climate Change?

Over 80 people were killed, over 70 people are hospitalized and 500 or more homes were destroyed in a tragic conflagration that consumed Mati, a coastal suburb town 18 miles east of Athens, Greece on Monday. According to BBC, Greek officials suspect arson as the origin for the massive fire. Unfortunately, Greece’s Citizen Protection Minister,…

Why Prius Drivers Have A Bad Reputation

Why does the Toyota Prius have such a bad reputation and seems to be hated by so many people? What makes the Prius one of the most hated cars ever produced? Gaskings cover Prius crashes, fails, Prius blowing up and Prius road rage and Prius drivers getting mad.

A Christmas poem and jingle from ‘Lord Monckton’ — Watts Up With That?

A seasonal message from the Vicar of Bray ⇒ William York, with some adjustments by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, offers a little Christmas merriment with his new version of the English folk-song The Vicar of Bray, who notoriously switched his religious allegiance with each new monarch. Today’s Vicar of Bray is probably preaching climate […]…