Listen To The Scientists

We are told every day by the press to listen to the scientists. Tony Heller listens to them very carefully, and that is why he is so concerned about the quality of their work - and what their real agenda is. Paul Ehrlich would be so proud. PHOTO CREDIT: A placard for the so-called March … Continue reading Listen To The Scientists

PJW on the Cult of GRETA

Paul Joseph Watson discusses the cult of Greta Thunberg: the 16 year old Swedish, autistic girl who was taken out of grade school by her parents in order to make money off of the Left's latest climate doom-and-gloom scheme and states she doesn't tell people what to do, while making speeches saying: I want you … Continue reading PJW on the Cult of GRETA

Global Cooling Heatwave Of 1974

Arizona's longest heatwave occurred in 1974, at the peak of the global cooling scare. And there was lots of other extreme weather around the world that year - which was blamed on global cooling. In this video I document how climate experts have been working hard to rewrite history. PHOTO CREDIT: By Santryl - Own … Continue reading Global Cooling Heatwave Of 1974

Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”

Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) was an distinguished British art historian and museum conservator. His most well-known work is the landmark thirteen episode BBC documentary series Civilisation: A Personal View that was broadcast on the network during 1969. While Clark focuses on his specialty, the visual arts, he also highlights the profound relation between art and religion … Continue reading Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”