Six Examples of Science Denial by the Left

Science denial is prevalent. Just not on the side that you think it is and this very good video gives six examples by Vincent James of Red Elephants of how the Left denies science in terms of major subjects such as biology, climate and race, human relations (such as raising children and immigration).

It Happened Again

Last year, a couple from the state of Washington quit their jobs and decided to do a world-wide cycling trek across the world to not only spread goodwill but to prove that evil doesn’t exist. During their journey, the two were tragically murdered at the hands of blood thirsty, ISIS terrorists. Paul Joseph Watson reveals…

The Truth About the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests

Paul Joseph Watson points out that Emmanuel Macron’s carbon tax scheme may have sparked a European Spring. Also, Barack Obama endorsed Macron for President last year and most of Macron’s policies are similar to Obama’s. Here is hoping all of this ends peacefully.

Shocking! Leaked Anti-President Trump Google Tape Scandal!

Recently Breitbart News published shocking leaked footage of a major Google meeting following the 2016 presidential election where company executives revealed their bias against President Donald Trump. Stefan Molyneux reviews the article, video and gives commentary about the recording and overall issues raised by the leaked footage. Google has made efforts to silence climate skeptics,…

The Left is Consumed with Rage

Tucker Carlson shows that the Left is resorting to extreme, hate-filled rhetoric in its political campaigns and dealings with their political opponents. Instead of calling for civility and decency, the Left is adding to the cycle of partisanship that contributes to the uncivil discourse and even violence directed at their competitors. This is evidenced by…