The Modern Anti-Vaccine Movement, Explained

Despite the massive evidence, the anti-vaccination movement is gaining strength. Scientists are concerned measles could return even though it was eliminated in the U.S. 20 years ago. Note the footage of politician and environmentalist Joseph Kennedy included in the video. It isn’t paranoia when environmentalists really are trying to kill you.

2 thoughts on “The Modern Anti-Vaccine Movement, Explained

  1. Eliminated?
    Oh, you mean “hidden away” to weaponize it? What easier way to weaponize something than to proclaim it has been eradicated/eliminated, only to let it later be resurfaced to desecrate an unsuspecting/unprepared population?


    1. It has only resurfaced due to people neglecting to vaccinate themselves. The only people weaponizing diseases are environmentalists who like about vaccines so people die or suffer slow, painful deaths.


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