Apollo and Dionysus

During 1972, Ayn Rand delivered a lecture at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum. In her lecture, she contrasts two major events from that summer’s news: the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Woodstock music festival. Using the symbolism and meaning of the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, Ms. Rand outlines the fundamental conflict of our age:… Read More Apollo and Dionysus

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

Despite posting my condemnation of the Ayn Rand Institute a few years ago for their wretched tirades against President Donald Trump, and ARI’s de-facto alliance with the Left, it is necessary to condemn them once again. In light of recent events surrounding the activities of technology corporations (such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Paypal), a.k.a.… Read More The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

Why Marxism?

I have posted this before but thought it appropriate since today is the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. A few years ago the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a unique speech by Clemson University’s BB&T Research Professor C. Bradley Thompson entitled: Why Marxism?. Professor Thompson’s lecture is an examination on why Marxism still lives… Read More Why Marxism?