Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

The Anti-Rand Institute hosted a Zoom call to commemorate Dr. Leonard Peikoff's birthday. As it turns out, Dr. Peikoff joined the call, expressed appreciation for the event and gave a very moving, short talk on his interactions with Ayn Rand and why he decided to become an Objectivist including discussing his latest project. Toward the … Continue reading Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

The Ayn Rand Institute is Dead

The Obleftivist vampires at the Ayn Rand Institute have soaked the life blood out of what was a very good organization and ruined Objectivism as a philosophy. While yours truly has moved on to bigger and better things, the split in the Objectivist movement as outlined by Susan Hanson is indicative of the culture at … Continue reading The Ayn Rand Institute is Dead

Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

In his book Intellectuals and Society, Dr. Thomas Sowell points out that we live in times where intellectuals have quite a bit of influence and he provides an in depth look at and convincingly strips away the veneer of the intellectual class. According to Sowell, the high point of intellectual influence was the period between … Continue reading Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

Apollo and Dionysus

During 1972, Ayn Rand delivered a lecture at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum. In her lecture, she contrasts two major events from that summer’s news: the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Woodstock music festival. Using the symbolism and meaning of the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, Ms. Rand outlines the fundamental conflict of our age: … Continue reading Apollo and Dionysus

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

Despite posting my condemnation of the Ayn Rand Institute a few years ago for their wretched tirades against President Donald Trump, and ARI's de-facto alliance with the Left, it is necessary to condemn them once again. In light of recent events surrounding the activities of technology corporations (such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Paypal), a.k.a. … Continue reading The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

The Moral Basis of Capitalism

With Socialist ideas getting such wide coverage and with the events in London to disrupt commerce in the city, capitalism needs defending now more than ever. In this video, author and philosopher Dr. Andrew Bernstein makes a very good moral case for capitalism. The creator's concern is the conquest of nature. The parasite's concern is … Continue reading The Moral Basis of Capitalism

Police Raid AZ Anti-Vaxx Parent’s Home to Save Toddler

During late February, a Chandler, Arizona couple had their house raided by police after they refused to take their 2-year old, unvaccinated son, Heber, to a local hospital for examination due to their physician suspecting the toddler had meningitis. According to The New York Times, Brooks Bryce and Sarah Beck took their son to a … Continue reading Police Raid AZ Anti-Vaxx Parent’s Home to Save Toddler

“To All Innocent Fifth Columnists”

During 1940 or 1941, Ayn Rand wrote a hard-hitting open letter that was to be read by a conservative organization entitled To All Innocent Fifth Columinsts. In it she issued a warning to people about the scourge of collectivism that was consuming the United States in form of Fascism and Communism that would come later. … Continue reading “To All Innocent Fifth Columnists”

“The Only Path To Tomorrow”

During January 1944, Ayn Rand wrote a short, but powerful essay that was published in Reader's Digest entitled The Only Path To Tomorrow. In it she laid out the choice the free world had when it came to confronting the threat of Communism. Today, that threat is from it's offshoot cousin the totalitarian Left. The … Continue reading “The Only Path To Tomorrow”

Why Marxism?

I have posted this before but thought it appropriate since today is the anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. A few years ago the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a unique speech by Clemson University's BB&T Research Professor C. Bradley Thompson entitled: Why Marxism?. Professor Thompson's lecture is an examination on why Marxism still lives … Continue reading Why Marxism?