Fuel: Facts and Fiction

About five years ago John Stossel tackled myths related to fossil fuels such as top oil producing countries, fossil fuel company profits, ethanol, scarcity (i.e. ‘peak oil’), the Keystone Pipeline, and fuel speculation. A much needed debunking of environmentalist claims about fossil fuels along with refuting their assertions about so-called clean energy alternatives.

Eco-fascists strike

One unfortunate event that occurred this past Friday is the demise of Canada’s Sun News Network. The news organization earned an unfair reputation as Fox News North, but was an informative source of information lacking in Canada’s media ecosphere. Two years ago, Byline host Brian Lilley interviewed author Elizabeth Nickson to share some shocking and… Read More Eco-fascists strike

“Ecopop” vote pitches people as pollution

The blatant anti-humanism of environmentalism has reared its ugly head in Switzerland. A ballot initiative nick named Ecopop will be voted on today and, fortunately, it looks like it will be resoundingly defeated. According to Agency Press of France (aka AFP), polls indicate that Ecopop is polling 56 percent in the negative. Official statistics place… Read More “Ecopop” vote pitches people as pollution