Climate Propagandists Shriek At Population Increase

Having more people is good because the larger a population, the more brains there are to build and fix a society’s problems and address it’s needs. On the other hand, environmentalists and their allies in the media (in true Malthusian form) freak out and even hope a new plague comes along.

Whether its food or water, batteries or gasoline, there will be less to go around as the global population adds another 2.4 billion people by the 2080s, according to U.N. projections.

“Every single person needs fuel, wood, water, and a place to call home,” said Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director with the Center for Biological Diversity.

Not surprisingly, Reuters‘ U.S. counterpart, the Associated Press, chimed in with a similar article. Remember, earlier this year, the Associated Press started being given millions of dollars by leftist foundations to churn out climate change propaganda.

The Peak Oil controversy is a prime example of how environmentalists are spectacularly wrong about population and limited resources. Fossil fuels are plentiful and each time it is thought we would soon run out of oil, more is found. GMO’s helped address potential problems with the food supply. Thanks to biotechnology, food in developed and undeveloped countries is plentiful. As what happened in Sri Lanka demonstrates, only government interference and corruption creates shortages and even famines.

One thought on “Climate Propagandists Shriek At Population Increase

  1. Heinlein said to read Malthus, and I am doing that. There is no getting around Sol having a life expectancy. Alvarez&Alvarez only found out what happened to the dinosaurs 40 years ago. Fifty years ago the libertarian party formed. Dawkins argued that DNA has a survival agenda, which may or may not be an actual value. But homo is the second chance after natural events disqualified the saurians. A foothold on Luna could hedge against a second 20-km bolide impact. None of the Econazi tribes have the faintest interest in homo sapiens outlasting the solar system, but rather, seek to make such emigration impossible. Why?


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