Totalitarianism Doesn’t Shock Us Anymore

The coronavirus pandemic hasn't just resulted in panic, but also new found power grabs by politicians and an acceptance by many to cede their liberties to political authority. This isn't just about unchecked power, but also what happens when humans are viewed as the primary cause of a catastrophe in which leaders tend not to … Continue reading Totalitarianism Doesn’t Shock Us Anymore

Why Environmentalists Have Turned on Michael Moore

Population Research Institute head Steven Mosher has penned a column in the New York Post that adds a bit more depth to environmentalist's witch hunt against Michael Moore. It's due to Moore being more consistent in his arguments by embracing population control (i.e. anti-humanism) and his exposing the fraud of renewables was the ammunition greens … Continue reading Why Environmentalists Have Turned on Michael Moore

Experience: I campaign for the extinction of the human race

An essay published in The Guardian Friday by one of the founders of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. These are the kind of whackos Great Britain's signature far-left rag offers a platform to. While Knight doesn't think all species should die, why shouldn't they? If life is as evil as he says it is, then … Continue reading Experience: I campaign for the extinction of the human race

Leftist Gets Vasectomy Over Climate Change Fears

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez choked back tears recently as she said her dreams of motherhood were not bittersweet due to climate change. While she cries often enough, many young democrats like her feel the same way and have pledged to not have children. Tim Pool reports this means all that the far left social justice types … Continue reading Leftist Gets Vasectomy Over Climate Change Fears

Listen To The Scientists

We are told every day by the press to listen to the scientists. Tony Heller listens to them very carefully, and that is why he is so concerned about the quality of their work - and what their real agenda is. Paul Ehrlich would be so proud. PHOTO CREDIT: A placard for the so-called March … Continue reading Listen To The Scientists

Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.

Not only is Thanos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful villain, evil ... His ideas about overpopulation are wrong. Unfortunately, there are those who do accept his premise and there wasn't anything presented in the films he appeared in to refute his conclusions. PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube