“The Environmental Creed”

This is a 2007 essay economist Don Boudreaux wrote that was published during 2007 in the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review. It is now posted at Mr. Boudreaux’s website. The Environmental Creed Careful observers often and correctly note that, for many of its adherents, environmentalism is a religion. Too many environmentalists disregard inconvenient truths that would undermine their… Read More “The Environmental Creed”

Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism

We’re seeing sexualized dances, hallucinogens, worshiping nature, confessing sins in pagan animism, worshiping purified teen saints, all to promote a supposedly greater cause. By Sumantra Maltra, The Federalist Lynn Townsend White Jr., an American historian from Princeton, wrote an influential essay in 1967, at the height of the cultural revolution in Western campuses, arguing that… Read More Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism