Climate Cultists Virtue Signal Smashing Stone Tablets On Mt. Sinai

To Christians and Jews, Mt. Sinai is believed to the place where Moses received the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments that were written by God. In an obvious attempt at insulting both Abrahamic faiths, The Times of Israel reports environmentalists took to the historic site in Israel to conduct a repentance ceremony that involved smashing stone tablets (starts at 11:28 in the below video) in the days leading up the COP27 U.N. summit in Egypt.

Climate repentance is one of the goals of COP27 and the activity took from Moses’ act as described in the Bible when he threw the original two tablets containing the Ten Commandments in order to destroy the bull-like idol made by Moses’ followers while he was on Mt. Sinai.. Their expression of repentance is a fraud. This is mindless virtue signalling and it is questionable any of these people are sincere in their beliefs at all.