UK Vegans Vandalize Nottingham Butcher Shop

Masked vandals reportedly with the group Liberate or Die were caught on CCTV cameras Tuesday spraying graffiti that said Kill butchers, murderer, and scum on the front of the Meat 4U butcher shop in Nottingham, England. The hoodlums also smashed one of the shop’s windows, slashed a canopy, and injected glue into the locks.

WaPo Tries to Whitewash Green, Leftist Terrorists

Eleven defendants are being tried by a Russian military court in St.Petersburg for allegedly plotting bombing attacks three years ago that would take place during the 2018 World Cup Games. The end goal, according to The Washington Post, was to cause enough chaos in order to overthrow Russia’s government. An indication of the high probability… Read More WaPo Tries to Whitewash Green, Leftist Terrorists