WaPo Tries to Whitewash Green, Leftist Terrorists

Eleven defendants are being tried by a Russian military court in St.Petersburg for allegedly plotting bombing attacks three years ago that would take place during the 2018 World Cup Games. The end goal, according to The Washington Post, was to cause enough chaos in order to overthrow Russia’s government.

An indication of the high probability that the defendants are guilty, is that WaPo tries to play them off as innocent victims. The paper reports the 11 men are left-wing antifascists and anarchists, and (essentially) because they are being championed by Amnesty International, they are victims of a repressive government. The Post also further reports that the accused were implicated by Russian intelligence (FSB) for organizing a terrorist group called Network.

During October 2017, WaPo further states, the FSB arrested a Penza university student named Yegor Zorin who was charged with participating in a terrorist group. He later confessed and implicated the others in the Network. One suspect named Dimitri Pchelintsev is, according to WaPo, a vegan shooting instructor interested in environmental issues, said that he and others were anti-authoritarian activists.

Amnesty International did accuse Russian authorities of using torture and planting evidence (if true, is wrong), but what calls into question WaPo‘s credibility is what is left out. The Post does not point out that Russia has had numerous problems with Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in the past and many of them have been funded by George Soros.

Four years ago, a leaked memo revealed NGO’s connected to George Soros were plotting to overthrow the Russian government. During 2015, Russia banned two foundations accused of dispensing funds to organizations that were accused of disrupting the country’s security.

Soros has a track record of sewing chaos. He all but admitted to funding the Ukraine crisis in 2014. As an extension of it’s hated of President Trump, The Washington Post attempts to demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin by championing the cause of Leftist terrorists even to the point of potentially lying or reporting only half of the events surrounding these 11 (alleged) terrorists.

Online Foodies Troll PETA For Promoting … BANANA SKIN

This is from April of last year but is definitely of note. PETA pitched banana peel as an alternative to pulled pork as per a recipe from Melissa Copeland (aka The Skinny Vegan). Some food lovers online decided to have a little fund at PETA’s expense, and the results were hilarious!

Foodies mercilessly troll PETA for promoting BANANA SKIN as an
alternative to pulled pork – saying the dish looks just like ‘tapeworm’

By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline, Published April 2, 2019

Animal rights organisation PETA has been mercilessly trolled on social media for promoting an unusual recipe by a vegan blogger.

Melissa Copeland, from Canada, who now lives in Europe, went viral for sharing a recipe using banana skin as an alternative to pulled pork on her blog, The Stingy Vegan.

She explained that the idea is based on a Venezuelan technique, and PETA was inspired to retweet Melissa’s recipe, along with other ways banana skin can be used as a meat alternative.

However, the thread received a flood of negative comments with one comparing Melissa’s ‘pulled pork’ sandwich to ‘tapeworm’.

Another wrote: ‘If being vegan is so awesome, why are they always trying to make “meat substitutes”? Stop appropriating my food and come up with your own.’


Environmentalists Want To Take Your Food, Your Home, And Your Children

By Daniel Greenfield, Monday, January 13, 2020

At CNN’s Climate Town Hall, which set out to save the world by having ten of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, their staffers, drug dealers, and mistresses fly out to appear in the fake news network’s facilities, Senator Bernie Sanders proposed saving the planet by killing the children.

A concerned questioner at a forum being held in a green mega complex built on the site of a former slaughterhouse, appropriately enough, urged Sanders to discuss the importance of “educating everyone on the need to curb population growth.”

“Would you be courageous enough to discuss this issue and make it a key feature of a plan to address climate catastrophe?” the anti-kids schoolmarm demanded

Once upon a time, environmental activists claimed that they wanted to save the planet for the children. Now they want to save the planet from the children.

“The answer’s yes,” said the socialist politician who has a poor relationship with his only son. Then he suggested that this brand of environmental eugenics really ought to be applied to “poor countries around the world.”

Poor countries being any country in which the socialist millionaire doesn’t own three homes.


PHOTO CREDIT: By Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.(Original text: http://www.netcharles.com/orwell/), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2433907

Joaquin Phoenix Flew In A Jet, Got Arrested, But At Least He Changed His Diet

Actor Joaquin Phoenix of Joker fame was arrested along at a weekly protest held by Jane Fonda at the U.S. Capitol. According to Breitbart, despite having urged fellow celebrities to forgo air flight to attend award shows at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Phoenix admitted that he flew a jet to attend the protest.

None the less, prior to his incarceration, Phoenix just had to politicize his dietary preference (vegan) in order to virtue signal saying changing one’s diet can help the planet (see below). Fonda’s protest is geared to call for an end to all new fossil fuel exploration and extraction including an immediate halt to taxpayer subsidies to oil companies. Yet all of these wealthy celebrities that attended this protest went back to their nice, comfortable, fossil fuel powered homes.

Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe Monologue Was Bittersweet

By now many of you may have seen or read about the smack down conducted by comedian Ricky Gervais at last night’s 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Taken by itself, what Gervais said was terrific and really gave Hollywood elites the scolding they deserved. People resent being preached to by Hollywood celebrities that they pay to see in movies and on television and I count myself as one of them. For eight minutes Gervais, rightly, tore right into Hollywood’s woke culture for their hypocrisies and he deserves praise for doing so.

The hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities knows no bounds either. For example, the Golden Globe dinner menu included vegan options this year as a way to virtue signal about climate change. But, as a conservative radio talk show host correctly pointed out, all of the event’s guests traveled to the event using fossil fuel powered limousines and private jets.

However, not only does Ricky Gervais support animal rights and does not like the President (which is his right), he has a far nastier side he needs to be called out for. Four years ago, Gervais tweeted a photo of Rebecca Francis (aka Extreme Huntress) who posed lying down next to a giraffe she hunted successfully. Breitbart reported that Gervais happened upon the photo and tweeted it saying:

“What must have happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal; then lie next to it smiling?”

Gervais’ tweet soon went viral unleashing a mob of people angrily condemning the photo to the point where Rebecca Francis received not only berating remarks from people on her Facebook page expressing their hope she would get killed but actual death threats too. On one post Rebecca Francis posted on Facebook earned one comment from a commentator saying:

“Can I come? But the only bullet I’ll be using is the one I put in your head.”

During August of last year, Gervais accused a pair of trophy hunters of being poachers and instigating a lion they shot and killed that charged toward the hunters in an aggressive manner showing its fangs. In other words, the hunters brought the lion’s aggression on themselves as far as Gervais is concerned.

Ricky Gervais’ animal rights activism ultimately is virtue signalling. In the above cases and when the chips are down, he champions the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of mankind. In short, while Gervais should be given credit where credit is due, the results of last night’s Golden Globe Awards monologue was bittersweet when one takes into account the history of the messenger.

Former Vegan YouTube Star Berated Over Eating Meat

A, now former, vegan of five years and YouTube star named Elise Parker is the subject of scorn by her fans after she decides to eat animal products for 30 days.

The Daily Mail states that not only were fans disappointed but Parker also disclosed she has been incorporating animal products into her diet for the past year. While on the vegan diet, Elise Parker said that she experienced digestion problems. But, she said eating meat not only helped resolved them, she also lost 2 pounds and is feeling better mentally as well.

Ultimately, it is Elise Parker’s choice as to what she wants to eat. The mean, nasty, and arrogant comments directed at her on social media are proof of why most people won’t embrace veganism. It is tantamount to a religious belief and it’s followers berate ex-Vegans (like Elise Parker) or even people who disagree with them. Parker’s video announcing her change of diet is below.