Lego ends partnership with Shell after viral Greenpeace video

In light of PETA’s support of Maroon 5’s Animals music video, as it turns out, Greenpeace has been busy using a music video of their own. Obviously upset at the fact that children could aspire to work for Shell Corporation, Greenpeace recently used a video that went viral making Shell out to be an evil company for drilling for oil.

The Greenpeace video runs just under two minutes and shows an arctic landscape being consumed by a pool of black oil. As a result of the video and previous efforts by Greenpeace, Lego announced they would terminate their relationship with Shell. Naturally, Greenpeace was overjoyed at the news.

Obviously using the arctic landscape was symbolic to demonize Shell not only for it’s oil drilling but to reinforce their condemnation of drilling in the Alaskan Natural Wildlife Refuge. That area has large oil deposits that U.S. citizens could use to potentially help ween the United States off importing foreign oil from places like Qatar or Saudi Arabia. None the less, yet another feather in Greenpeace’s cap attacking a company that makes money off of drilling for oil for humans to use that power our automobiles, trucks and even buses so we can make a living and improve our lives.