PETA seeks to open records of primate shipments

A very interesting story out of Massachusetts. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is petitioning to acquire the health-inspection records of the export and import of primates. The state’s Agriculture Department released the records to the group but blotted out the individuals, companies and research laboratories involved in the inspections. PETA then filed a lawsuit essentially demanding that the records be open and that disclosing the information blacked out would not threaten public safety as Massachusetts officials claimed.

Like the Courthouse News Service points out, PETA as all but refused to condemn the actions of groups like the Animal Liberation Front who are known to not only sabotage medical research facilities that utilize animals during their research but also steal or release the research lab’s animal population. PETA has also supplied financial and legal support to pro-animal terrorists too

The health inspections PETA wants open to the public involve utilizing animals for medical research. The group is obviously doing this so the information can be supplied so ALF activists can attack the facilities and people associated with these inspections. Groups like PETA have also successfully pressured some shipping companies to no longer transport animals purchased by medical laboratories for usage in experiments.

The problems that have arisen resulting from animal rights groups engaged in these activities isn’t just subscribing to the idea that animals are like humans and deserve the same legal protections but is also a hatred of human life. I highly doubt any of the people involved in animal rights activities to stop medical experiments on animals would prefer humans be used instead. If so, would any of them be willing participants or offer themselves to be used in the medical experiments research labs are engaged in to find cures or treatments for illnesses like AIDS or Hepatitis B.