Sydney Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent

Citing a rise in COVID-19 cases a few days ago, Sydney, Australia officials decided to tighten restrictions including potentially extending stay at home orders beyond their July 30th deadline. Consequently, thousands marched in protest of the new rules that, unfortunately, resulted in outbreaks of violence among the crowds with some aggression directed at police.

New South Wales officials expressed concern that the protests were unauthorized and could be a super spreader event while acknowledging the right of free speech. The protesters who became violent were wrong, and it is looking like NSW officials tightened COVID rules knowing full well there could be backlash. But would they use their new restrictions as a means of cracking down on law breakers? It is very likely the arrests that took place during the gathering were part of a crackdown to undermine leftist elements in Sidney.

New South Wales officials are obviously aware that coronavirus infection risk is drastically reduced when people are outside and it is the Delta variant that is spreading faster that, while more infectious, is not as potent as the original virus. The state of New South Wales is also governed by the conservative Liberal-National coalition and state police probably obtained information about a planned riot that targeted Sydney’s Central Business District. Around this time last year, police disrupted a Black Lives Matter protest that took place in Sydney and the city has been the center of riots in Australia over many years.

Because of the huge amount of people participating, I am certain the violence was spurned by leftist organizers. They probably brought people from around Australia with the intent of trying to instigate a situation similar to what happened with the George Floyd riots with looting included. Except, in this instance, the intention was to undermine New South Wales’ right-leaning government. The so-called freedom protest in Sidney was actually part of the Australian left’s revolution.

NSW officials probably used coronavirus rules to flush out and crack down on violent leftist elements in the state. Sydney is Australia’s version of the U.S.’s Seattle or Portland. In short, the city is a hotbed of leftist radicalism. Thankfully, the left’s attempt to take down New South Wales’ government backfired and the crowds were successfully disbursed.

NOTE: This is an updated version of a post published earlier today that was taken down to add more context, links, and analysis.

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