Environmentalists persist in anti-fracking, anti-oil dogma

Like any group of ideologues the environmentalist movement knows no bounds when it comes to their war on capitalism. Despite Josh Fox’s two anti-cracking films being resoundingly discredited, it has not stopped environmentalist groups from pursuing their cause of shutting down not only attempts at drilling but also building facilities to export oil extracted via the method.

In Maryland, an attempt is being made by a natural gas company to convert a liquified gas plant into a natural gas export facility. As a result of doing so, the facility would be have the capacity to export 5 million ton of natural gas per year.

Environmentalists say that the plant will contribute to pollution due to the potential for increased fracking in Pennsylvania that the facility is close to. One green group named Earthjustice has even threatened to file a lawsuit over the matter. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission states they have already done the work necessary to ensure the plant is operated safely and poses little risk to the environment and public.

Despite the FERC having done the research and work necessary to ensure the safety of the people and environment near the plant, Earthjustice will no doubt sue the FERC anyway. One of gang green’s dirty little secrets though is that some of their affiliates have been the recipients of money from Middle Eastern countries. A number of Hollywood celebrities who are also active environmentalists were caught on camera taking money as part of a sting operation conducted by a media watch group named Project Veritas.

An anti-fracking movie that came out two years ago named Promised Land starring Matt Damon was the recipient of funding to finance the film from the royal family of the United Arab Emirates. Also, there are times the mean greenies like to play sides in political rivalries too. In 2012 the Sierra Club took millions of dollars from a natural gas company that funded the group’s anti-coal campaign which included efforts to literally shut coal-fired plants down. When the story broke, the group denied having done so despite evidence showing they clearly did.

The environmentalist movement is not the Communist movement reborn but using a different vehicle to collectivize the globe, it is also a group of rich liberals who want to tell other people how to run their lives. And they will take money from other parties of interest in order to achieve their goal(s). I would not be surprised if Earthjustice is the recipient of money from Middle Eastern oil interests and their lawsuit like the one against this converted plant is financed by a Middle Eastern oil producing country.