What Eric Pianka thinks about overpopulation and why he is wrong

There is an article floating around the internet about statements made by a Dr. Eric Pianka who is an Ecologist out of Austin, Texas back in 2006 when he expressed his views on the Ebola virus and overpopulation. The article alleges Pianka of publicly stated an airborne virus should be used to kill of ninety percent of the world’s population and that famine’s would not be sufficient to accomplish the job.

In fairness to Dr. Pianka the website where the article originates from is conspiracy theory-oriented so I had a hard time believing it. However, there was this interview he had with journalist Tucker Carlson:

It is clear that Pianka takes a Malthusian view when it comes to population. Malthusianism is the basis of environmentalism and is rooted in the ideas of Anglican priest Thomas Malthus. He theorized in his Essay on Population that when a population grows too much resources would be used up in which things like famines, wars, and diseases are needed to maintain balance.

However Malthus’ theory was debunked by economist Dr. Julian Simon in his book The Ultimate Resource. Simon’s treatise laid waste to the Malthusian idea that resources are finite and population growth is a threat to the planet. Here is a video where Dr. Simon demonstrates why Malthus’ theory is not true and why population growth and using resources is a good thing since it contributes to human progress: