Petaluma duck farm accused of abuse

Mercy for Animals accused Reichardt Duck Farm located in Petaluma, California of extensive abuse of it’s duck population using footage one of their activists shot on location at the ranch to make their case.

According to news radio station KFBK out of Sacramento, the group’s attorney accuses Reichardt of subjecting up to 200,000 ducks to a barbarous environment. Claiming the ducks suffer from multiple wounds, illnesses, injuries or are just left to die due to suffering or deterioration. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to the group’s complaint and raided the compound. Not surprisingly, Sheriff’s Deputies found no wrongdoing in which the treatment ducks received (such as burning their beaks) is routine prior to slaughter.

This is yet another example of human hate groups who attempt to sensationalize a situation in order to further their cause. I get no pleasure out of seeing animals suffer or being abused, however, in this case Mercy for Animals has overblown or intentionally lied (probably the former) in an attempt to demonize duck farming. To groups like them, any incarceration of animals and usage of them for entertainment or consumption is deemed cruel.

Animal rights is not about humane treatment for animals but rather the animalistic treatment of humans. Below is the video Mercy for Animals used to back up their claims of abuse at Reichardt’s duck farm. Decide for yourself if you see any abuse.