Consumer Reports: GMO’s are everywhere!

Consumer Reports studied a variety of products in order to test for genetically modified organisms as well as the accuracy of products labeled organic or non-GMO. Their underlying conclusion? GMO products are in almost everything. 90 percent of corn and soybeans, the magazine’s study points out, are genetically modified. This on the heels of two ballot measures being considered in the states of Oregon and Colorado. If enacted, both laws will require labeling of products made from bio-tech crops.

The main reason for these labels is not to warn people but to actually discourage people from eating bio-tech foods that, in fact, are healthier for you and taste better. GMO labels and the propaganda put out by environmentalists committed to their demise want to steer you in the direction of buying organic foods. It is claimed that organic foods are not subjected to the chemicals and pesticides used for GMO’s. The fact is that pesticide usage has actually decreased with their usage while crop yields have increased.

National Public Radio pointed out earlier this year that non-GMO products are actually cheaper than organic and may end up running organic out of the market. As far as organic farming, none of the claims made about it are true. Scientific American did a myths vs. facts breakdown that can be read here. It’s not that organic farming or products are bad, however, they are not superior to GMO foods and their cultivation. Penn & Teller also delved into this subject as well an the results of their taste test might surprise you. In short and conclusion, organic foods are bullshit. People have a right to consume organic products, but others (like environmentalists) have no right to impinge on my and other people’s freedom to consume them.