It’s official: environmentalism poisons everything

I guess it was just a matter of time. With this latest development it is safe to say that (like religion) environmentalism poisons everything. An op-ed published today in The Huffington Post authored by Diana Donlon who is Director of Center for Food Safety’s Cool Foods Campaign (an environmentalist-oriented organization) essentially states that Halloween candy contributes to deforestation, species extinction, human rights abuses and (you guessed it) climate change.

With this latest development, I think it is safe to conclude that (like religion) environmentalism poisons everything. Environmentalist groups attack our food supply by lying about bio tech or genetically modified foods (GMOs), seek to shut down meat production facilities alleging abuse of animals, lie about vaccines and vaccinations, use environmental rules and regulations to hold up or halt construction of homes or industrial establishments (like power plants), condemn the usage of animals to make the clothes we wear, and even attack our entertainment such as banning circuses that use animals. Now their attack on our livelihood extends to Holloween candy.

The green busy-bodies have really outdone themselves with this latest news. If they aren’t telling people what kind of bags we can use when we shop for groceries, the way we sort our garbage, how much water we can utilize in order to water our lawns or even flush our toilets, what fuel we can use to power our cars or homes, or what kind of transportation we can use. Now they condemn us for participating in Halloween.

I am sure people are really going to want to know if their child’s Halloween costume is contributing to the destruction of the environment or climate change (formerly known as global warming) in some way. One has to wonder, is climate change also the result of fossil fuel emissions when people drive their children around the block in their cars to go trick-or-treating? Or maybe it’s the litter that results from candy wrappers from people who eat chocolates? Perhaps it is the empty water bottles kids drink out of them to refresh themselves when they get hot walking around in costume? Actually, according to Donlon, the culprit is (believe it or not) vegetable oil.

Environmentalists are using any and all occasions to condemn human beings but instead reveal themselves for the dogmatists that they are. They present climate change and other environmental catastrophes as the result of the human-induced climate bogeyman for almost every instance of things going bad in life. They then follow through by conducting activities to ensure that human existence is a hell on Earth. It’s obvious the goal of environmentalism is to take the fun out of life and this claim is a prime indication of it.