Scary Halloween

Only three groups of trick or treaters came to Tony Heller’s door on Halloween. Apparently the parents are willing to traumatize their children in order to protect them from a disease that has not killed any kids in Wyoming.

“Anti-vaxxers” targeted Halloween trick-or-treaters

Some families at Texas’ Fort Hood Army base got some extra scare for Halloween this year. KCEN reports a soldier’s wife named Sarah Rogers posted on Facebook that two men were passing out anti-vaccine information to trick-or-treating kids and their parents in the base’s Pershing Park Family Housing complex. The men passed out, according to… Read More “Anti-vaxxers” targeted Halloween trick-or-treaters

PETA uses dentist-slaying Cecil the Lion costume to make larger point

As if our favorite animal rights group couldn’t get any stranger and sicker, they have really taken things over the top this time. Then again, that is the whole point of the stunts they pull. People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) has, according to The Huffington Post, released a new… Read More PETA uses dentist-slaying Cecil the Lion costume to make larger point

It’s official: environmentalism poisons everything

I guess it was just a matter of time. With this latest development it is safe to say that (like religion) environmentalism poisons everything. An op-ed published today in The Huffington Post authored by Diana Donlon who is Director of Center for Food Safety’s Cool Foods Campaign (an environmentalist-oriented organization) essentially states that Halloween candy… Read More It’s official: environmentalism poisons everything