John Stossel on environmental scare stories

Journalist and Fox News talk show host John Stossel looks at environmental scare stories about deaths related to global warming, genetically modified foods (GMOs), and (believe it or not) pasta. I also salute Bjorn Lomborg whom Stossel interviews in this video. Lomborg is also an environmentalist but no longer subscribes to the idea of clamping down human activity in order to curb global warming but does accept the science that humans are the cause of it. He had a life changing event when he and staff at the University of Denmark where Lomborg taught attempted to refute the writings of economist Julian Simon. To his surprise, everything Simon wrote about was right. As a result, he now regularly speaks and writes against efforts by environmentalist groups too. If you want to know more about him, the movie Cool It or the book of the same name goes into Lomborg’s life and his change of heart.