Greenpeace prevents 3 billion Asians access to vitamin enhanced rice

My eyes have been glued to the television watching the election returns but could not turn in before highlighting this issue. Genetic Literacy Project reports last week that Greenpeace renewed its opposition to the development of Golden Rice. The rice is enhanced with Vitamin A that most health experts say could significantly improve the health of many malnourished people in developing countries.

Greenpeace alleges that the rice is part of a plot to make people less resistant to GMO’s. It also states at their website:

‘Golden’ rice is far from being a sustainable solution to vitamin deficiency – it encourages a diet based solely on rice. In Greenpeace’s opinion, the tens of millions of dollars invested in the development and promotion of GM ‘Golden’ rice would have been better spent in supporting solutions that work.

Ecologically farmed home and community gardens can contribute to healthy and varied diets by directly empowering people to produce their own nutritious food. This is the real long-lasting solution Vitamin A Deficiency VAD) affected communities need.

The group has been actively engaged in opposition to genetically modified vitamin enhanced crops for years, and even had the audacity to endorse a mob attack on plantations testing the rice in the Philippines.

This is a crystal clear example of the evils of environmentalism. Greenpeace is holding up and outright supporting attacks against efforts to cultivate a form of rice that can feed entire populations quickly and is healthy for them since the rice encompasses vitamins necessary for their diet. This group of eco-freaks thinks it knows what kind of food is best for people in impoverished countries to eat and will even subject whole populations to starvation. It isn’t paranoia when environmentalists really are trying to kill you.