Environmentalists seek to prevent military from defending America

Naval war games and testing are underway off the coasts of California and Hawaii. The drills are necessary for military readiness but that hasn’t stopped environmentalists from trying to protect marine life in those areas from the exercises. According to Fox News, their concern is that hundreds of marine mammals will be killed or injured. Earthjustice is quoted as saying they don’t want to stop the Navy from conducting their war games, just change how it is done.

By trying to force the Navy to change the way it conducts war exercises is tantamount to getting them to stop since it would take too much time and effort to change anything. The Navy has been conducting these exercises for forty years and states they have no intention to stop. Good! Here is more of what the eco-idiots are saying:

Last year, the Conservation Council for Hawaii filed a federal lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Department of Commerce and the Navy. The group submitted a motion last week asking a judge to declare the games illegal because they violate a law meant to protect endangered mammals.

“The area in which the Navy conducts its research is the size of all 50 U.S. states combined,” said Henkin, who is working on behalf of the conservation council.

He has submitted a quarter of a million documents to support his case and says the Navy’s training plans threaten entire populations of marine wildlife off the East Coast, southern California, Hawaii and the Gulf Coast. Blue, fin and humpback whales are among those in danger, he said.

Henkin said he wants the Navy to change the times it conducts war games — altering the dates by just a few weeks in some cases, he said, would protect some of the endangered species. The frustration, environmentalists told FoxNews.com, stems from the Navy’s alleged refusal to compromise.

“The Navy blankets the entire ocean floor with high levels of noise,” Henkin said. “[Whales and dolphins] can’t communicate, can’t feed and in many cases, undergo constant bombardment.”

In 2012, a Native American groups sued the National Marine Fisheries Services for not protecting marine mammals from warfare training exercises conducted off the coasts of the stars of Oregon, California and Washington. These scum obviously don’t want the United States to be prepare to defend itself from attacks or be prepared should the Navy be needed to do just that. Their want of protecting wildlife from bombs and gun shots is a smoke screen grounded in Marxist theory of imperialism except it is aggression against sea creatures and other forms of marine life.