“Humane treatment” before slaughter? Really?

Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) is at it again. This time their target is Chik-Fil-A. At least that is whom the group accuses of being the primary beneficiary of Chicago-based Koch Foods. Koch Foods is a company that prepares chickens to supply for their clients. In short, the company slaughters chickens to be used by companies, like Chik-Fil-A, to use for their products.

Like in other instances pointed out on this blog, Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) got some their activists hired by Koch foods in which he, she, it took footage of chickens being handled in the most appalling circumstances at slaughterhouses run by the company in Tennessee and Mississippi. According to news radio WBBM reporter Mike Krauser states that the video the mean greenie group screened for Chicago reporters showed live chickens were slammed into crates, dumped in scalding hot water to remove their feathers, and killed by having their chests and throats cut open.

Though Chik-Fil-A disputes the human hate group’s accusation that the food company still has a relationship with Koch despite Chik-Fil-A ending the relationship in 2013, Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) stands by their story. I watched the video for this post and, while harrowing, there is still that pesky Petaluma, California incident that comes to mind. You all remember, don’t you? That’s the one where the Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) chapter in the area lied to authorities about ducks being treated inhumanely at a local duck farm. When local police arrived there was no mistreatment and the farm was conducting business standard for a slaughterhouse.

Then there is also the video the group took at a Wisconsin dairy farm. There the workers there stood accused or abusing cows but it was later determined that the employees used their methods in order to get the cows up from the floor or they could die. Slowly, but surely groups like Mercy for Animals (yeah, right) seeks to achieve their goal of forcing others to become vegans. I think I have just found out where I will be going for dinner tomorrow night.