Amazon caves to Greenpeace strong arming, embraces renewables

Back in October, I reported on Greenpeace’s intimidation campaign against Amazon for the company not using renewables to power the company’s Fire phone. The eco-fascists posted tons of negative reviews at Amazon’s website about the phone as part of a harassment campaign for the company not using enough renewable energy to power its cloud computing infrastructure.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon has changed its mind and will now use renewables for its cloud computer system. I personally will be writing to CEO Jeff Bezos calling on him to not go through with this. I urge all of you to do the same. If Europe’s experience with them is any example, renewables as a power source has been terrible. The company should resist onslaughts from scum like Greenpeace in which their sole purpose is to destroy any semblance of civilization such as companies like Amazon.

Amazon’s capitulation is a prime example of the kind of strong arm tactics these anti-human, eco-wackos use to get their way. Amazon should not have caved but it’s obvious that Bezos felt the heat so Amazon gave in. It’s time to take a stand against gang green.