Environmentalists seek to block Loch Ness wind farm

When I was growing up one of the mysteries I was fascinated with was the Loch Ness monster. I remember watching many television specials in awe at the possibility of a dinosaur or some sort of creature living at the bottom of Scotland’s now infamous lake. It is a draw for many tourists who hope to get a look at the legendary Loch Ness monster. Now the mountains around the lake are being looked at as a possible location for a wind farm.

Wind farms are a form of renewable energy touted by environmentalists as being energy sources to replace fossil fuels. If they are the answer to reducing fossil fuel emissions, then why is an environmental group opposed to the wind farm’s construction? Breitbart London reports that the John Muir Trust is objecting to the wind farm stating it will be an environmental disaster.

John Muir was Scottish and the founder of the Sierra Club, respectfully. He was known for his advocating the preservation of wilderness in the United States and helped inspire the modern day environmentalist movement. But the trust that is named after him is decrying the construction of a wind farm that can allegedly help reduce fossil fuel emissions in order to curb global warming.

“Our objection to this development is not just to visual impact on the landscape of 67 giant turbines — it is about the ecological destruction of a massive area of upland,” said Stuart Brooks, chief executive of the [John Muir Trust].

Approximately 22,000,000 cubic feet of stone will need to be quarried from the surrounding area to build the wind farm, used both in the construction of access roads and hard-standing at the base of the turbines, and also to build the heavy platforms required to support the turbines.

The figure is taken from [Scottish and Southern Energy]’s own calculations. In 2012, when 83 turbines were planned – roughly 20 percent more than is currently being considered, the company stated that 28 million cubic feet would be required.

But the John Muir Trust points out that even the revised figure would consist of nearly enough stone to build nine Berlin Walls. The Trust calculated that the wall, at 69 miles long, 13 feet high and six inches thick, used about 2 million cubic feet in its construction. If the stone which will go into the Stronelairg wind farm were used to construct an identical wall, it would be 600 miles long.

This is not the first time that an environmentalist group has opposed a proposed site of a clean energy facility. In Hudson, New York the green group Riverkeeper is attempting to prevent the newly converted Danskammer power plant for coming on line. The facility will use natural gas to power itself and provide energy to its customers. But that is not enough to satisfy environmentalists who cite the plant’s effect on the Hudson River’s ecology. Consequently, Riverkeeper is suing in an attempt to get state regulators to do a more thorough environmental analysis (read: shut the plant down). The eco-freaks also oppose natural gas pipelines too which results in higher energy bills in places where the weather gets cold. It also leaves natural gas power plants (like Danskammer) without a steady supply of fuel to provide power to places they serve.

Not only do environmentalists oppose fossil fuels, they also end up opposing their own schemes in order to cut back on greenhouse gasses. Their renewables schemes not only won’t be adequate for our power needs but they will also oppose facilities that utilize alternate power sources like natural gas and (in this case) wind. Ultimately, the mean greenies are anti-industry and anti-civilization and their circular logic demonstrates it.

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