Alberta beekeepers oppose Ontario pesticide ban

Alberta, Canada beekeepers are expressing their disappointment at a ban being enacted in the Ontario that would ban the use of neonicotinoid (aka neonic) pesticides. According to the Calgary Herald, as a result of the ban and the likelihood of a crackdown by the province on the pesticide’s use, Ontario beekeepers have lobbied for moratoriums, while others have filed a class-action lawsuit against the companies that make neonicotinoids.

Alberta beekeepers are dismayed at Ontario’s ban because they have seen no drop in bee populations and they regularly use neonicotinoid pesticides. The beekeepers are also concerned that such a ban could lead to restrictions or the pesticide being outlawed elsewhere. As The Herald points out, neonics pesticides were introduced ten years ago, could be used as seed treatments to protect crops against insects and were considered less toxic than the pesticide sprays used prior. If neonicotinoids are prohibited, farmers will have no alternative but to go back to the more toxic pesticides.

The blame being leveled against neonic pesticides is the result of a study by Harvard researcher Chenseng Lu. Lu correlated the demise of bees as a result of neonicotinoid pesticide use but his research was heavily criticized. The whole fixation on bee population decline and the attempt to lay blame at the feet of neonic pesticides is the result of simplistic thinking on the part of politicians and the public. Environmentalists have mainly had a hand in this as well.

Environmentalists hate pesticide use because it enables humans to manipulate nature so we can grow more groups and, simultaneously fend off insects that could destroy crops and crop yields which enhances our food supply. The mean greenies have had a fixation on pesticides since the publication of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring that condemned DDT. It’s obvious environmentalists demonize pesticides and lobby for pesticide bans as a means to an end to force humans to alter our diet or way of life so as to conform to their wishes. In the end, plants and insects maybe all that is left for humans to eat if the eco-fascists get their way.