“The Blacklist” Episode Involves Crazed Eco-Terrorist

NBC’s action television action show The Blacklist recently broadcast an episode in which the villain is a crazed anti-pesticide terrorist who uses genetically modified insects to kill his victims. The show stars James Spader whose character Raymond “Red” Reddington was an international criminal who turned himself in to the FBI. “Red” enjoys a somewhat limited… Read More “The Blacklist” Episode Involves Crazed Eco-Terrorist

Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides Increases Pesticide Use

Some interesting insights out of New Zealand. The vice president of the country’s farming association, Colin Hurst, is quoted as saying if neonicotinoid pesticides are banned, it will result in even more sprayed pesticide use. According to NZFarmer, Hurst states that seeds in New Zealand are usually coated with neonicotinoids which prevented insects from eating… Read More Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides Increases Pesticide Use

Glyphosate: A Hidden Villain?

This video gives the background about the man behind Glyphosate, why he is winning some of the highest honors in science despite environmentalist chemophobia about his invention, and why farmers use pesticides.