Environmentalists assist in UK tax crackdown

As if their advocacy of carbon controls and campaigns against fossil fuels aren’t enough, environmentalists attack industry on another front: taxes. According to Royal Dutch Shell, Friends of the Earth teamed up with other groups in order to expose Shell’s use of low tax jurisdictions (such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Bahamas) that the company uses to minimize its tax burden. This after the UK government announced a crack down on multinational companies involved in tax avoidance as part of a kind of trade war with Berlin.

The environmentalist movement’s hatred of industry knows no bounds. I highly doubt there was anything wrong or illegal with what Shell did. They took advantage of countries with low taxes no different than when Americans or foreigners move to lower tax, inexpensive jurisdictions so their purchasing power goes further or for better job opportunities. A company seeks to maximize its profits so it can produce more revenue so it can operate. If Shell reports lost profits that results in layoffs or attrition in certain hiring positions, you can thank Friends of the Earth and their allies.