Deforestation, global warming and blaming humans first

BBC reported that Brazil is experiencing the worst drought in decades and has attributed the drought to the deforestation the Amazon rainforest is experiencing. However, what is curious is that the Brazilian government announced that the rainforest has experienced the lowest level of deforestation in 25 years. Naturally, environmentalists with the World Wide Fund shot back stating that satellite systems the government didn’t use show deforestation shot up a whopping 467% from on year ago.

Not surprisingly, ahead of the United Nation’s Lima, Peru conference on climate change, the press has reported that the Amazon rainforest stores a large amount of carbon dioxide. There are reports linking deforestation to climate change in which humans (you and I) will ultimately be blamed. However, none of this makes any sense since it was recently revealed in a study by Dr. Craig Woodward at the University of Queensland in Australia that human activities on rainforests do not always have bad consequences. Dr. Woodward reported that deforestation actually increases the amount of wetlands due to the water released resulting from forest removal.

In 2011 a study conducted by scientists at the University of Helsinki and New York’s Rockefeller University concluded the planet’s woodlands are getting denser. As a result, the increased tree presence would help combat climate change since trees absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide.

The UN, like any government body, is political and obviously at the conclusion of the UN conference in Peru, Western countries will be called upon to sacrifice more of our wealth and prosperity in order to preserve the planet. The UN conference will be a repeat of many others that will scold the US and other wealthy countries while demanding we spread our wealth to developing countries. Man made climate change (formerly known as global warming) is the result of the politicization of science and about nothing more than political control. The global body and man-made global warming claims are not in the best interests of anyone.